In the village Elatochori it operates the Folklore Association Elatochori, which every Kathara Deftera is organising a traditional feast in the church of St. Nicholas in the Old Elatochori,after the liturgy, with traditional dances and songs, and tender beans of Greek and international dishes.

Ελατοχώρι Πιερίας - Διαμονή Ξενοδοχείο ATRION

The great local celebration of the Elatochori, is the day of the feast of Saints Constantine and Helena on 21 May. Also, the Epiphany, is maintained, another custom of the village, the “Κυριαλέσα”.

The name of the custom due to the psalm “Lord, have mercy” of church hymnology who chant the young people of the village, when it is taken around in the procession of the images of the church in the around in the back streets, in the fountains and streams. In the hall of the community store, hosted the Folklore Collection, with objects from everyday life, the activities and habits of the inhabitants of the village, with the responsibility of the Folklore Group Elatochori.


In rural areas of Pieria you can meet traditional occupations, such as: mule-drivers, were, lumberjacks, shepherds of sheep and goats and operators of traditional rural transport. Also, you can see residents who are engaged in the cultivation and harvesting of agricultural products (tobacco, olive etc.), with the production of honey and bee products, as well as with the production of milk and dairy products.