The existing natural environment, which combines the mountain with the sea, is ideal for a range of sports activities in nature, such as mountain climbing, hiking, rock climbing, paragliding, off-road vehicles, 4X4, mountain biking, water sports and other sporting activities in the sports centers of urban areas.

In the area of Elatochori there are many hiking trails through dense forests and waterfalls, with beautiful colors and a unique view, offering nature lovers a unique experience.

In Elatochori,, the visitor can combine interesting trekking routes in the green unadulterated nature of the Pieria mountains and the picturesque settlements, winter sports in the ski center and enjoy the breathtaking views offered in the area.


Routes & Trips from Elatochori

  1. Elatochori, Ritini, Vrya, Moschochori, Lofos, Ag. Spyridon, Vrontou, Dion, Litochoro.
  2. Elatochori,, Ritini, Vrya, Milia, Foteina, Bridge of Morna, Skotina, Agios Dimitrios, Livadi Olympus.
  3. Only for four-wheel drive: Elatochori ski centre, Katfigio, Fteri, Skotina, Fotina, Milia, Ritini, Elatochori,.
  4. Elatochori, Rizoma, Sfikia, Monastery of Timios Prodromos, Vergina, Veria, Vima Apostolos Pavlos, Panagia Soumela, Kastania. If you are a hiking enthusiast, then it is good to know that the E4 European long-distance trail, which leads to Mount Olympus, passes through Pieria. The E4 passes from the Flamburo peak, almost parallel to the ski resort and through the settlements of Ano and Mesaia Milia and descends towards Down Milia, reaching Litochoro.

If you choose to walk to Sarakatsana don't miss to visit the waterfall "Kremasto", located 12 km from Elatochori, with a unique view in the whole of Pieria. From here we go to the alpine zone and the clearings of real freedom. Here we have visual contact with the shelter of the P.E.The. Katerini is located in a position Σαρακατσάνα.

With a jeep you can reach the peaks of Mt after the snow has melted and to one of these, in the place of "Kourema" you can enjoy the view of the west side of the Pieria mountains of Kozani and the lake of the river Aliakmonas..